Crowdsource solutions and ideas for your projects

Real Experts is a peer to peer learning platform to share project specific experience and learn from the best practices, share local knowledge, technological know how and industry trends. It is an integrated communication platform designed to improve communication and knowledge sharing among project teams and knowledge experts.

Access to information & knowledge is key to remain productive and innovative. By leveraging power of network, the platform facilitates easy access to specialists and knowledge experts within built environment.


Transforming how construction and engineering firms work across project lifecycle, from winning business to supporting clients

Seize business opportunities, streamline processes, and bring your ideas to life like never before.

Innovate & Improve

Leverage the power of network to improve and innovate. Source knowledge & solutions, On-demand basis, from a qualified group of knowledge experts.

Do More With Less

Why compromise quality, when you can source multiple ideas from a range of qualified and vetted professionals and pick the best.

Reviews and endorsements

The quality of services matters the most to us. This is why among various features we have also included reviews and endorsements.

Enhance Performance

Deliver complex solutions in a timely manner with industry wide access to professionals, firms and suppliers. Market your services and capture growth, locally and internationally.

Make Informed Decisions

Source task based solutions by engaging specialists per minute basis. Using platform you can search for right expertise based on projects, sectors, location or clients.

Capture Value

Showcase your experience, share your knowledge and build reputation. Capture value through building and managing relationships among colleagues and generate new opportunities.

World Economic Forum

Winner of Future of Construction competition at the World Economic Forum

Peer to peer learning platform for business within E&C to connect business leaders with specialists and knowledge experts worldwide, fostering seamless communication and knowledge sharing.
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The Network Effect

For Experts

Our project based network makes finding new opportunities and valuable professional connections easier. As an expert, you can contribute your expertise to the world-class projects and hear the questions potential clients are asking about your sector. Market your expertise among peers by building your profile, showcasing your projects and endorsements.


Constantly Evolving Network

For businesses

We believe that during project development stages emergence of new information and opportunities require immediate attention. Therefore we have developed this platform to help you find the right expertise when and where you need them. So that you can crowdsource ideas and solutions quickly by the qualified experts.